看网上有人说Siteground无法退款,其实Siteground是允许退款的,不过Siteground有一个"24.95美元的取消费用+月费部分"的退款规则. Siteground官方网站 也就是说你即使在购买Siteground一个月内退款,Siteground也会收取你24.95美元取消费用.而不像其他主机上一样,是30天无条件退款. [drpcoupon name="Siteground" exclude="name,expiration,description,rss"] 下面是Siteground退款协议:

The client is eligible for a refund after canceling a Linux shared account on the following terms: 1. The cancellation requested by the Customer has become effective in less than 30 days after the date of the initial payment for this account. Linux Shared Accounts cancellations that become effective in more than 30 days after the initial payment are not eligible for refund. 2. The Customer will be refunded the money s/he paid for the Linux shared hosting account(s) excluding the setup and processing fee of $24.95 per account. The setup and processing fee is always withheld in case of a refund, even if this fee was waived at the time of purchase 3. If the Customer has registered a domain name during the initial hosting account order process the applicable domain name registration fee will be also withheld. The domain registrations fee is always withheld in case of a refund, even if this fee were waived at the time of purchase.
至于Siteground如何退款,其实很简单 进入后台Customer Area 找到Billing,点Billing - Cancellation 取消你的Siteground账户,一般3工作日你的退款就到账了